Automotive OTA Test Solution

OTA Test
Ensure that the existing OTA system has the ability to upgrade safely, stably and conveniently.


Test Contents
Acceptance Test of OTA System

Independent 3000 test cases to verify whether the OTA system construction of OEM is up to standard and competitive

New Model OTA Verification Test

Verify that the OTA capability installed on the new OEM model meets the design requirements and specifications

Testing of OTA Operational Activities

Verify the marketing operation activities related to after-sales OTA in the market

OTA China Market Compliance Test

Test and Verification of OTA Capability of Global Standard Vehicles Landing in China

OTA Automated Test Tools

Provide professional automated OTA function testing tools and scripts, and provide a variety of deployment scenarios

Test Principle


The plan needs to be able to be implemented on the customer's existing and future automotive EE architecture;


The solution should not include major design defects. All indexes of project design shall be met. No major brushing accidents can occur after the completion of the project.


The solution needs to be compatible with different vehicle types ,different vehicle type configurations, different brush writing objects and different types of brush writing data


The solution needs to consider the interaction between each system and future scalable functions, and reserve interfaces in advance.

OTA Test Implementation Process
  • Obtain Requirement Information

    Product Function Design

    Product Functional Requirements

    Basic Circuit Architecture

    Upgrade Parts and Contents


  • Design Test Solutions

    Test Scenario Design

    Test Case Design

    The test content is clear


  • Make a test plan

    Project Management Regulations

    Project Schedule

    Critical Incident Management


  • Prepare Test Environment

    Test Bench Construction

    Measured Vehicle Preparation

    Test Tool Preparation


  • Execute Test Content

    Implementation Of Test Work

    Test Communication Mechanism

    Test Progress Report


  • Output Test Report

    Periodic Test Report

    Summary Test Report

    Suggestions for improvement, etc


  • Solution






    Enterprise Information

    Industry Research Report

    Cloud platform management

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