Automotive Cloud Platform

Meet the customer's requirement on the management of upgrade capabilities such as user management, version management, multi-policy configuration, data statistical analysis, differential algorithm, etc.

ABUP OTA Cloud Platform

Microservice architecture

Container deployment

Flexible expansion of service

Overall Cloud Architecture of ABUP OTA
Cloud Platform Function
  • Cloud Microservice Architecture
  • Cloud Container Deployment
  • Flexible Expansion of Cloud Services
  • Vehicle Management

    Single-vehicle Upgrade Status Query

  • Project Management

    Project Management: Deletion and Modification

    Project Information Statistics

  • Version Management

    Project Version Correspondence

    Differential Relation Establishment

  • Policy Configuration

    Configure Download Criteria

    Matching Upgrade Conditions

    Configure Upgrade Policy

  • Upgrade Package Test

    Set Test Range

    Test Upgrade Process

    Test Result Review

  • Task Publishing

    Project strategy officially takes effect

    Push Task to Car

  • Statistics

    Analysis of Project Upgrade Data

  • Visual Management

    Master the overall situation

    Visual display

  • User Management

    Assignment of User Roles

    User Permission Management

  • Interfacing Service

    Interfacing services with various systems

  • OTA Information Security Solution

  • OTA Cloud Issue Certificate

  • Third-Party System

  • OTA Issue certificate in cloud
    Issuance of Vehicle End Certificate
    Vehicle Information Upload
    Upgrade Package Signature Encryption
    Link Encryption Identity Authentication
    Data Source Legitimacy
    Interface Authentication







    Enterprise Information

    Industry Research Report

    Cloud platform management

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