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Arabi was selected as "Excellent Case of Entrepreneurship State 2022 Digita

2022.12.30Source:Elabi releasedWechat Moments

On December 28, the "2022 Digital Development Summit" sponsored by the well-known domestic innovative ecological service platform Chuangbang was held in Beijing. At the meeting, the "2022 Excellent Cases of Digital Intelligence Transformation and Innovation" was released, and ABUP's "Vehicle OTA Upgrade Solution" was listed on the "2022 Digital Intelligence Transformation and Innovation Excellent Cases" of Entrepreneur State.

The selection process lasted nearly 3 months, with a total of 398 cases submitted by 286 companies. The research team conducted data screening, verification, research and discussion on the declared cases, from the aspects of technology, product/solution innovation, and industry In the comprehensive assessment of development foresight, competitiveness, and market development potential, ABUP stands out from many cases, showing the industry's high recognition of ABUP's help in the digital transformation of the automotive industry.
When we are in the era of digital intelligence, we are facing the reshuffle of the times. Under the wave of software-defined cars, how to help car companies transform digitally and intelligently, so as to break through the encirclement, realize evolution, and continue to grow. Responsibilities and responsibilities of leaders in the OTA field. Over the years, ABUP has been focusing on the research and development and application of automotive OTA solutions. Among them, the self-developed "Complete Vehicle OTA Upgrade Solution" has a more stable, safer, and more efficient character. The industry provides OTA ideas for digital and intelligent transformation.
Looking at 2022, vehicle OTA will become the next development stage of OTA for vehicle companies after software upgrades, and it has become an industry consensus that vehicle OTA is the only way for the intelligent transformation of vehicles. Vehicle OTA and non-complete vehicle OTA belong to two completely different levels of upgrades. Vehicle OTA involves the underlying system of vehicle software, including operating system, driver, etc., and has higher requirements for stability and security. Vehicle OTA can achieve the goals of quickly solving vehicle problems, reducing repair costs, improving user experience, and extending the vehicle life cycle. Based on rich experience in project delivery, ABUP designed and developed it by comprehensively considering the vehicle OTA business process and OEM's actual needs for OTA operation management, and provides a customized end-to-end overall upgrade strategy solution, which can not only meet the requirements of conventional OTA business management, but also Further satisfy the OEM's daily operation management of software life cycle management of each model and OTA business functions. The success rate of vehicle OTA upgrade is 99.99%, and the upgrade time can be controlled within 40 minutes. From a security point of view, ABUP will complete various hacker attack and defense security drills before each model goes offline to ensure the system's defense capability and security performance to the greatest extent.

Digital transformation and innovation are compulsory courses for enterprise development. In the future, ABUP will continue to explore and innovate, give full play to its professional core technology advantages in the OTA field, open up the upstream and downstream ecology, promote industrial collaboration, innovate business models, and strive to become the cornerstone enterprise of the digital transformation of car companies.







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